Human Barbecue ‘Bloodstained Altars’ Collector’s Edition


Collector’s Edition of Human Barbecue’s new album ‘Bloodstained Altars’. Strictly limited to 111 hand-numbered copies worldwide.

The Collector’s Edition Includes:
– Album CD and Booklet
– Artwork Sketch Print
– Double-Sided A3 Poster
– Certificate of Authenticity
– x2 Trading Cards
– Artwork Magnet
– Choice Cuts & Cookbook Guide
– Stickers
– DVD Box to Store All These Goodies

Each box comes in resealable shrinkwrap to ensure maximum shelf wear durability.

1. Twelve Gauge Facial Reconstructive Surgery
2. Ritualistic Consumption
3. Masticating the Fermented Flesh of Putrified Cadavers
4. Sliced And Eviscerated (feat. Brandon Smith of Agonal Breathing)
5. Repeatedly Stabbed With a Bowie Knife
6. Homicidal Embryonic Rampage
7. Acidic Liquification of Internal Organs
8. A Murderous Soul with a Chainsaw
9. Impaled, Flayed and Devoured
10. Bone Splinters
11. Bloodstained Altars (feat. Andreas Tseung of Soils Of Fate)
12. Abhorrent Torture Killing

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