Incinerating Prophecies ‘Slay the Damned Impostor’ CD


Artist: Incinerating Prophecies
Album: Slay the Damned Impostor
Label: Death Metal Industry
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2017
Location: Colombia

1. Ritual Slave
2. Slay the Damned Impostor
3. God of Imperialism
4. Incinerating Prophecies
5. Clever Messiah
6. Utopia
7. Blasphemy and Destruction
8. Deceived they will Die
9. Slay the Damned Impostor (Bonus)
10. Blasphemy and Destruction (Bonus)
11. Deceived they will Die (Bonus)
12. Incinerating Prophecies (Bonus)

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