Visceral Decay ‘Obsessive Pathology To Eliminate The Scum Human Race’ CD


Artist: Visceral Decay
Album: Obsessive Pathology To Eliminate The Scum Human Race
Label: Lord Of The Sick Recordings
Format: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Released: 2016
Location: Ecuador

1. Consuming Bowels With Marihuana
2. Storm Of Asteroids
3. Vomiting The Souls
4. Suffering By A Body Cancerous
5. Abortion On Excrement
6. Mutilated With A Saw Oxidize
7. Slaughter, For A New Human Race
8. Bleeding By A Torture Genitals
9. Zoophile Addiction
10. Eating Corpse To Remove Evidence
11. Starving Humans Of Rotten Flesh
12. Patologías Necrosicóticas

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